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We at All In 4x4 provide the right tools for our customers to explore more, see more and do more we strive on delivering a one of a kind quality hand built Bakkie tray(flatbeds) and canopy bodies for all major Bakkie manufacturers


We also cater For most other accessories like Roof rack and rock sliders

Our exceptional high quality of standards sets us up amongst the best in achieving remarkable unique custom designs specific to each and every build.

Our aim is to deliver innovative custom designs that meets and exceed all our clients individual needs.


The aim is to have a strong and light weight setup, our canopies are jack-off which means that with just a few bolts can off load your fully loaded canopy once you are finished with your trip, and still enjoy your vehicle as a normal bakkie

Our tray and canopies  are made from a mixture of steel and aluminium to keep the weight as low as possible but still as strong as it can be.


we understand the importance of having a product that ultimately works for you and your family that you can trust to work for years to come

and once you decide to sell your bakkie for a new one we will just change the flatbeds mounting points to suit your new bakkie chassis so that you can reuse it .



ALL IN 4X4 Overlanding

Snorkels are typically the first accessory to be fitted to a 4x4, and with a very good reason our 4inch stainless-steel snorkel not only enhances the looks of your vehicle but
the air quality at roof level is much cleaner and cooler than the air going through and around the bonnet, which means greater fuel efficiency, better throttle response and longer lasting air filters when a snorkel is fitted.

Introducing our all in 4x4’s large canopy fully rigged for travelling in Africa

Introducing our all in 4x4’s large canopy fully rigged for travelling in Africa


Our slide on canopy is mounted to our beautiful and rugged flatbeds the slide on canopy system can be built just the way you want it and can be built on any bakkie.


Fit it out yourself, or let us customise it the way you want it to be from the factory with our recommended options and upgrades


options vary form kitchen systems, drop down slides, insulation in the canopy to keep it nice and cool, electrical systems, lightning options, storage cabinets, drawer systems, water tanks with pumps up to 150liters, spare wheel carrier, jerry can holder, braai wood carrier and build in tables


Build your ultimate multipurpose work and play slide-on aluminium canopy and flatbed Meticulously hand crafted by order in Cape Town South Africa,

your All in 4x4 camping system is built specifically for the harsh conditions of Africa



the options really are nearly endless our aim is to build you a canopy totally custom to your needs, engineered with only the best quality materials to keep it lightweight and offer you superior quality at the most affordable prices that make us and you stand out from the rest.




Prices start from R82000 


Get some information about our company in the May/June edition of SA 4X4 Mazagine

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Services We Offer

We build our flatbeds to suit double single and super cabs
 They all come standard with a drawer in the back and 2 huge toolboxes that will be permanently on your bakkie,
They are individually bolted , so that in the event of damage we can just replace it with a new one
 The canopies we can make to suite any size that you want, with options of drop down fridge slides,
build in slide out kitchens, showers and an ample amount of storage.
 We also have a canopy with a build In roof top tent in the making that will launch in the coming months.

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